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LikeFamily is a local community-based service provider connecting local caregivers with families seeking care services. We provide a user-friendly interface that has successfully bridge them together and has impacted the local community positively.

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The Challenge

LikeFamily needs the expertise of skilled developers who can effectively address the challenges in migrating and developing their platform. Our developers are equipped with the skills to handle the complexities of integrating old and new resources into their platforms. Our expert developers ensure the quality of running a smooth and effective platform. Meeting these challenges is essential to fulfilling the LikeFamily needs for successful platform migration and development projects.

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The Solution

Our development team utilises the following tech stack: Ruby on Rails, React.js, and Node.js. This is to overcome the challenges faced by the LikeFamily platform. By utilising cutting-edge technologies along with agile methodology in our approach, we were able to effectively collaborate as well as effortlessly integrate both new and old resources into their platform. These led to producing an exceptional platform that is highly scalable while successfully meeting all project requirements within the designated timeline. With the user-friendly interface being admired by target markets alike; it has made finding local caregivers for families seeking care services much more convenient than ever before – ultimately having positive effects on communities at large.

Design Process and Timeline

The design process started with the Product Owner/Project Manager and Chief Technology Officer (CTO) creating or trimming the requirements through tickets. The development team then refined and estimated the tickets. The team started a sprint every two weeks, and when picking up a ticket, they confirmed that the requirement was complete.

The development process included developing the feature/work, creating tests or manually testing out work, releasing changes, and informing the PM or CTO of the release for company notification. The team worked collaboratively to ensure they developed the platform within the timeframe

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This project is still ongoing for new features and maintenance.

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The Technology Used

Powered by the best and latest technology in the industry – tools that positively impact your business

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The development team developed and launched the platform within the stipulated timeframe. Integrating the old resources and new/current output or resources was seamless, and the collaboration with foreign counterparts was successful. The target market positively received the user-friendly interface of the platform. The latest technologies, including Ruby on Rails, React JS, and Node JS, significantly developed a high-quality and scalable platform.

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