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Sports First Aid

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Sports First Aid Services provides first aid services to sports teams and events, known for delivering prompt and efficient emergency medical assistance during sporting events. As the company grew, it recognised the necessity for a comprehensive software system that could assist them in managing its services efficiently.

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The Challenge

Our team is responsible for developing the new system that meets the client’s requirements. They must ensure that the system is easy to operate, has potential for future expansion, and seamlessly integrates necessary components with desired features identified through an investigation of their existing generic SaaS platform. Additionally, the team must ensure that the new product options are easily navigable for non-technical users.

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The Solution

LANEX’s development team is currently working on a comprehensive software package to address the challenges faced by Sports First Aid Services. The package will include a user partition, job scheduler component, timekeeping, reports, calendar integration, notification, chat module, directory consolidation, knowledge-based section, courses, events, and a library.

The team is designing an easily accessible interface and navigation and using Flutter and Firebase for efficient performance and effortless integration. They are employing agile methodology to maintain project momentum and satisfy their client. The team aims to complete the project within one year. The solution will bring together managing and communicating, promote collaboration among staff members, and ensure prompt action with real-time alerts and updates.

Design Process and Timeline

The design process involved collaboration between the development team and Sports First Aid Services. The team employed an agile development methodology to ensure the project was on track and the system satisfied the client’s needs.

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This project is still ongoing and the target timeline is one year.

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The Technology Used

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Scope of Work

Sports First Aid Services engaged LANEX, a software development company, to provide a full-stack software development team to address their software development needs. The scope of work includes developing an all-in-one system that the client can use. This includes the development of the following modules:

  • User module
  • Job Scheduler
  • Time Clock module
  • Reports
  • Calendar Integration
  • Notifications
  • Chat
  • Text Message
  • Directory
  • Knowledge-based
  • Courses
  • Events
  • Library
  • Documents Module
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