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Choice Aged Care

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Choice Aged Care is a Brisbane-based company that provides professional services to the aged care sector. Their software team had to upscale their development pipeline to develop a multi-tenant, public-facing web application supporting pharmacists’ clinical activities.

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The Challenge

The client had a small in-house software team and needed to upscale its development pipeline to cater to the project’s demands. A responsive, user-friendly, and easy-to-use program that can handle their expanding user base is what they require.

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The Solution

Our team developed a user-friendly, multi-tenant, public-facing web application using React, NextJS, Hasura, Postgres, and GraphQL to cater to Choice Aged Care’s demands. The application allows pharmacists to plan visits and record clinical activities, and we are progressing well in its development, with a timely completion expected.

Design Process and Timeline

The design process involved collaboration between the development team and Choice Age Care. The team employed an agile development methodology to ensure the project was on track and the system satisfied the client’s needs.

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This project is still ongoing and the target timeline is one year.

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The Technology Used

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As the development of the multi-tenant web application accessible to many users continues, the team is making continuous progress with promising signs of success. Their significant strides in building the program suggest they will complete its development within the allotted time frame.

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